Tips For Presentations

Bite-sized nuggets to help you be successful in your next talk…

Model Not Imitate

Think about all the great orators of your generation or the past generations that you know of.  It could be a pastor, politician, business leader/thinker, civil rights leader, futurist, etc.  We gave one earlier of Steve Jobs’ presentation.  What characteristics made them great?  How did they use their speech to influence or to create change or to inspire?  How did they deliver their presentation?  Ask yourself these questions as you watch them deliver their message.  Wherever possible, watch rather than listen.  You can learn much more from the visual as it gives you subtle clues that cannot simply be heard.  Gestures they make, facial expressions, body posture, etc.

Realize that you may not be as great as these people in speaking yet… but that doesn’t mean you will never be.  As you model after these great speakers, remember that you also need to maintain what makes you – you.  Imitation is not what you are after; you don’t want to speak/act/walk exactly like them, right?  Everyone has their own unique style, so be yourself.

Rather than copy, model after the characteristics that make the speeches they made great.  Take the good and practice it till they become a part of you.