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Model Not Imitate

Think about all the great orators of your generation or the past generations that you know of.  It could be a pastor, politician, business leader/thinker, civil rights leader, futurist, etc.  We gave one earlier of Steve Jobs’ presentation.  What characteristics made them great?  How did they use their speech to influence or to create change […]

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Make Eye Contact During Presentation

Eye contact is important to build rapport with your audience.  They also get to know you better.  As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. You can also see what their response is to your presentation and adjust yourself accordingly.  For example, if you see some people yawning, then perhaps it […]

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Be Confident

This is probably the most important aspect that comes out during any presentation. If you appear confident, your audience will respect that authority. If on the other hand you appear timid or unsure, the audience will sense this and discount your presentation from the start. Remember that the audience expects you to deliver a great […]

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Visualize A Successful Presentation

Days before your presentation, you have to visualize a positive outcome as if it already happened. This is part of being prepared. Successful people from all walks of life whether in business or sports, visualize the outcome they wish to have before the big day. It is sort of like practice but in your own […]

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Be Concise

With any talk you are giving, it is important to maintain the audience’s attention. If you’re seeing people wander off, looking else, you know you’ve got issues with the content you’re presenting. Don’t bore your audience by going off on a tangent during the presentation and avoid unnecessary details. Allow time for questions where appropriate […]

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Be A Great Story-Teller

For longer presentations where you want to maintain the interest of your audience, bring out life in your points through short stories and anecdotes. Just because you connected with your audience earlier, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep that connection going. Help your audience establish an emotional connection between the ideas or concepts […]

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Steve Jobs 2007 iPhone Keynote

Watch this video of the late Steve Jobs for a masterful presentation of the iPhone when it was first launched in 2007. Many people study and dissect his presentation methods from his keynotes because of how they build excitement, awe and captivate the audience’s attention.  He kept things simple and the audience walks away from […]

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Connect With Your Audience

Develop a good rapport with your audience right from the start. Be sure to begin on a lighter, more relaxed manner by telling a joke, interesting anecdote or a story before leading into your presentation. It is best to lead into the presentation, however, it may be unrelated if it is suitable for the situation. […]

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