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January, 2013

Keep Calm and Composed Always

Take a deep breath every time you feel nervous. Pause rather than say “uhs” and “ums” during your presentation. Pausing is also great at times where you may be asked a question which requires more thought prior to answering. It buys you time to think and relaxes your body.

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Arrive Early On Day of Presentation

Showing up on time isn’t enough. You need to be there early. Not just to get your bearings before the talk but also to have time to check through any equipment, lighting and setup matters. Arriving early also allows you to mingle with the audience before the presentation. This helps you to relax more as […]

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Be Prepared For Your Presentation

Have all your presentation materials on-hand and ready to go. Any equipment that will be used such as a projector, screen and sound system will need to be setup beforehand. Room setup must be according to your presentation purposes – whether it is theater style seating or with training tables, you need to communicate this […]

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